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A noticed a lot of people complaining about Finger Hut, Why in the world would you order anything from Finger hut, when you can get it cheaper from HSN or QVC. You know full well in the long run, your not going to be able to make the monthly payments, so why start?? And then you complain & cry when they call everyday. If you were smart" you would have given them a wrong number, so they... Read more

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I lost the order number the tracking number. Please send me the numbers Add comment

Ridiculous!! I paid in early And more than what I owed every month yet when I went to place a new order they required a deposit again. Not to mention there's nobody there who speaks English well!! Its disappointing. Will NOT be ordering from them again!! Add comment

Fingerhut, STOP calling! My voicemail clearly says, "No one with the first nor last name Anthony lives here. My credit score is over 700 so creditors need not leave a message. I'm trying to take care of two houses and college expenses so please remove me from your lists." Calls have decreased considerably, but that darn automated calling apparently ain't registering correctly. After a couple of... Read more

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Someone hacked my account and bought done ridiculous 127 piece make up kit for $79.99, i called to report it and was suppose to receive done forms to file an investigation never received the clown case full of dollar store make up or the forms a month later... Add comment

I recently brought 4 items and got deferred payments, received my first payment and was charged interest. I thought since no payment was due I would not be charged any interest. I called Fingerhut and was told that they do charge interest even if do payment is due. If I had been told that when I ordered I would have made payments. This is misleading, customers who do not have to make a... Read more

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I bought a tv and when it arrived the screen is broken for a month and 6 emails and 7 phone calls still haven't received a return label now they want payment for broken tv the have NO ONE in America to help when you do finally get ahold of them Sorry Company in the service department they are useless Some woman wrote me and didn't even read my email so that was useless seems like they havea30... Read more

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I purchased a 2 lb. computer and returned it within a week. They have been after me for shipping cost! It came regular mail and they wanted me to pay $50.00 for them to ship it to me. After they got it back! I said no way am I paying that- especially for a product I returned! They have been calling me every day and I keep on telling these people im not paying for a product I already returned!... Read more

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I had an automatic withdraw set and in January 2016 they deducted three payments. When I called fingerhut they said the would return the over charge in two days, its been over a week and the short fall the overcharge caused has caused severe economic hard ship. The fact that I was not able to pay my rent caused a good bit of worry. I disputed the charges with my bank and that went no where, I... Read more

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Worst company ever. I ordered something from fingerhut back in August 2015 and never received it. I requested a refund in September and till this day in January of 2016 have not received it. Never ever again will I order from here again Add comment

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