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I keep receiving an error window saying "access denied on this computer on all finger sites which i was just in trying to make a $1799.00 purchase. no live chat, seems there are no assistants available today.. if i just stop paying my bill I bet get attention. I have been a finger hut customer for over 25 years, service used to be wonderful. they even called ME. I am not s impressed anymore. amazon prime is one click away. i don t know if this is 100 words but as i have nothing left to say i will try to submit it again. Read more

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I don't know where to begin! It's been a nightmare for 8 months now. I purchased a treasure finder with my $300 account, received it and could not believe this treasure finder as it was a piece of ***! They expected me to pay almost $300 for this worthless treasure finder! Helen Keller could find more than this garbage. I returned it immediately. Fingerfuk not only kept my deposit I made, they charged me shipping to return their garbage. Oh the plot thickens! Now they've got my deposit, Treasure Finder, and shipping charges so they decide to... Read more

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I bought a movie camera, NOT another cell phone size camera. Then no help in returning it. Then I finally find out their payment plan is for a year at $11.00 a month. They are very dishonest with the customers. Never will I ever deal or anyone I know deal with them again. Add comment

I have been using fingerhut for a couple of months now there prices are a little high but what really gets you is the shipping fees. Add comment

I purchased items from Fingerhut last year. I made my regular payments and ordered a few more items for Christmas. I took note of my balance and after making regular payments for January, February and March and my balance never changed after those payments for those months. I called customer service and my payments were being applied to interest and payment protection plan. Only 3 cents of each payment was actually going to the balance. So even though I made roughly $400 in payments, less than .25 cents came off the balance. I regret ever... Read more

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I order a Xbox one and a shark vacuum, both defected got them tested. Yall suck Add comment

I'm totally satisfied with fingerhut thus far i order by phone and been pretty happy. Add comment

Recently I purchased an item weighing less than a pound. When it came to shipping, it appeared they charged $14.99 for 2-day shipping. I agreed to pay that amount since I needed the item quickly. However, the $14.99 was only for UPS Ground. This $59 FingerHut item is in local stores for just $ NO shipping! **FingerHut Rips Off its customers by charging very high prices for mediocre products... then adding unnecessarily high shipping costs! Their customer service really sucks! In asking several questions, I was referred to the order... Read more

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Returned order. Said they did not receive. Filed for lost shipment. Charged me interest while they located lost??? return. Add comment

I tried to order a pair of shoes. Their ordering site said my card was declined. I called the customer service department and they tried my card again. They charged my card four times totaling 138 dollars. They refuse to reissue my money. I have to wait 6 weeks for a dispute with my debit card company to get my money back. I am filing fraud and theft charges on them at the attorney generals office in Minnesota.. Read more

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