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They shiped two orders of the same. Wich I only oder one of them. They told me to mail back one of the item so i would not get charged for it. I have to go out of my way to find a ups place to send back one of the item they mistakenly sent me. I do not thing that far. Add comment

I have applied time after time for credit and i can't get anything and i don't no why. Add comment

Ibrought a tablet that does work even charger want charge tablet lost return papers what do i do Add comment

  • Jun 06
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Hot Springs, Arkansas
  • Desk
  • 81

i have ordered two things from FH and I will never order from FH again. My first order was a desk. Put it together - got to the last part and was missing one screw. Called FH and they informed me that the screw I had was the only type they had so it would not help me at all to request another screw and that I would have to return the desk to the manufacturer not FH. I took a second chance and... Read more

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  • May 29
  • Online Shopping
  • Sachse, Texas
  • Payment Method
  • 113

...about Finger Hut. I will NEVER shop with them ever again!....They do have good prices. IF you find something on their site send in the payment by a carbon copy money order using a "Certified Return Receipt Requested." Be sure you keep all of your records. That is a great deal of trouble to go to just to buy something you want. The ONLY reason I offered this way to do business with... Read more

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  • May 14
  • Online Shopping
  • Boles Acres, New Mexico
  • Phone
  • 72

Returned a cell phone in the allowed time. Was told it had no value and would be disposed of. Called and wrote to have it returned to me. Was told i would have it within 45 days. It has now been 52 days and they just "shipped it to me and gave me a bogus tracking number" . Customer service is rude. Wont allow me talk to a supervisor. Wont resolve matter. Was told i'd still have to pay $200 for... Read more

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  • May 13
  • Online Shopping
  • Schaumburg, Illinois
  • Online Order
  • 88

I called Fingerhut due to the website not working. Everytime I clicked the place order button, it showed system error. So, I called the number provided, and got ahold of a foreign man who said he would place the order. He gave me a price $45 more and said that it was for shipping charges. I told him that the shipping was free, and he said it wasn't, and tried to argue with me. I still haven't... Read more

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Ive purchased three electronic products recently from fingerhut all have only lasted a little beyond the 30day return period I cant seem to get help from bbb on matter its as if they sleep in bed together. Why is fingerhut allowed to do business in America. Add comment

Ive over payed my minimum amount every month and I'm still getting charged late fees. Add comment

  • Apr 28
  • Online Shopping
  • Wylie, Texas
  • Online Order
  • 116

It has been since June or July of 2014....last year. They sent me a Text -- I kept texting back: "STOP". I went to the trouble to file a claim at the Better Business Bureau in the City/State of the Home Office. That didn't stop them! My bank sent me an email. Finger Hut AGAIN tried to charge my checking account. At that time, I was so broke, it would have cost me a $35.00 NSF Fee. I was... Read more

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