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  • Nov 01
  • Shopping
  • Washington, District Of Columbia
  • Fingerhut Sign In
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  • 38

I have tried to get with fingerhut for sometime. I have never subscribe to this company in my life. I put in all my information and you say that my name, address, email, etc. belongs to someone else. How could that be. My mother subscribe to fingerhut many years ago. She has pasted since 1987 when there was no email address or web pages or any devices we use now. I want to join so if somebody is... Read more

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I got a new account with fingerhut and i made my 1st order on Oct.30th 2015 .The order department took my order and took my debit card infomation. Then after my order was complete The lady took $30.00 dollars out of my checking.Then told me that my order couldnt be completed but yet she could not refund my money that she took out of my checking account. This is very wrong fingerhut is a rip off. Add comment

  • Oct 26
  • Shopping
  • Janesville, Wisconsin
  • Fingerhut Online Order
  • 109

Just received the "bigger purchase" catalog along with a credit line increase stating with Major purchases, you will also receive lower payments on those items. Hard to believe when everything I have purchased was on deferment and the only deferment they honored or had record of was the one I did last Christmas in 2014. I made purchases in April, May and July that should have all been on... Read more

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Fingerhut keep kicking my passwords out everytime i log in it saids invalid passwords i hve change it 2times since i open my accounts now i can't track my shipments and if i change again i would have to reenter my credit. Card never use too b this hard truly pissed. Add comment

Extremely poor customer service; they must be told to perform so badly Add comment

I had a computer delivered from fingerhut, and it was damaged in shipping, the box was totally crushed, and the driver just left it sitting on the front porch, i didn't even know it was delivered until I went out side ,when I called them to come and pick it up for return they copped an attitude,I wouldn't ship dog doo through spee-Dee!!! Add comment

  • Oct 20
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Providence, Rhode Island
  • Singer Serger Sewing Machine
  • 61

I purchased a Serger sewing Machine from Fingerhut and when it broke I tried to get the part to repair only to find out they sold me a discontinued 2 years ago from Sharp and cannot get any parts for it. When I contacted them they offered me a $20 dollar rebate but I told them it was not right. They should credit me the whole price of the machine since it was a discontinued one. Made a... Read more

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*** people. Poor customer service beyond belief Add comment

I send in a payment and half goes on the payment and the other half goes on intrest so I paying double for all the items I am buying Add comment

Ordered a pair of shoes didn't like them then they send u a bill for shipping to me n the return shipping will never order something from them again. Add comment

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