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This is a crooked, dishonest company. They change your balance if you don't pay careful attention. They send broken products. Their products are thrift store quality at best. Add comment

purchase a product from Fingerhut. received it it was damaged. Fingerhut not only charged me to deliver a damaged product to me. but also requires me to pay to have it shipped back to them. totally dissatisfied will never order from this company again!! Add comment

Hate this company ,it's collection agency and transunion, and experian credit reporting agency and anything that can be id with Fingerhut . My credit score had been 650 in which I could live wth being an old retired female on social security and a small pension. However it appears my credit score has taken a nose-dive to 596 in a Fingerhut scam. Yes Fingerhut sold disputed charges to a their collection agency for penny on a dollar. Then collection agency attached more charges moreover after numerous harassing calls and letters. I had... Read more

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As i said before i ordered and received a twin bed. I was approved for credit and was happy to make monthly payments. WHEN I TYPED MAKE A PAYMENT, instead of saying recurring payments it said i had to make one full payment. I didn't want that because I'm on Social Security-making $20 a month payments would be easy but not one full payment. Because of their error i would have to pay late fees. Not fair for a Fingerhut error. Customer Service isn't much help and a waste of time. I have written them so many times. WHAT MAKES IT SO... Read more

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The outside glass shattered. Got the run around. Refused to give me a refund on a microwave. But said they would replace it. After all the *** i went through with fh, i got pissed and asked for a refund again, still said no. I even offered to mail it back so they would know i wasnt lieing. Bottom line, they wont give me a refund but will replace it. I'm done dealing with them! Buyers beware! Add comment

Worst experience ever. Takes forever to order anything on website. They woulnt upgrade my acct because my first payment didn't go through due to wrong experation date. Even though I took care of it right away. Completely paid off acct and still wouldn't upgrade my acct. Horrible customer service. Needles to say closed my acct today!!! Add comment

I joined fingerhut in late Dec 2015 i ordered a computer chair which was $149.95 and a plush back rest pillow $19.99 Jan 2016 i made the minimum payment of i believe $11.99? I proceeded to make another payment as i were to do every month until its paid in full. |I was offerred $1,000 in credit from fingerhut i had every intention to pay on my own without using their credit. I tried it for once online payment i miss 1# of the routing# on my check, instead of contacting me fingerhut representatives went ahead reported me to the credit bureau for... Read more

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Bought a bunk bed from them and its falling apart. The wood is all split. I have a five year old and a 3 year old but when i ask for their help all i got was a too bad Add comment

Bought a 5 qt kitchenaid stand mixer mid Oct '15 as a Christmas present (2 months away). Recipient wanted a different color but was in process of moving. Product returned after 90 day policy (120 days approx). Never taken out if box! Wanted an exchange only! Fingerhut returned and said NO, past 90 days. I've spent ALOT of money at Fingerhut, paid on or before due date.could have exchanged in interest of customer service! Read more

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Put into collection for 9 dollars making two payments from checking account in same month not told to do so Add comment

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