I have the Fingerhut Catalog and I order three items and only to find out later that Fingerhut reps took down two of the items that I ordered. Fingerhut never called me on my order.

I then was upset and called Fingerhut to cancel my order and that I'm no longer interested in purchasing any items from Fingerhut. I called the Fingerhut Reps. Three times to cancel my account. The Reps kept saying we can't cancel after I order.

I felt uncomfortable with Fingerhut on purchasing items, taking my items without a phone call, didn't cancel my order when I ask them to, Fingerhut is not honest, I asked for a cancelations letter and I was told I will receive the letter in five days, five days became ten days, ten days become no cancelation letter. I decline the Fingerhut credit yet they kept me on the account. The sneakers came on a Saturday and I was shock and pist off with Fingerhut unprofessional Reps as a whole. Fingerhut mail the sneakers after I said to cancel my order.

I quickly mail the sneakers back to Fingerhut at the post office. When Fingerhut sends there product the box had a big hole in the box. The same way they sent the product I sent it back to them. It's been three weeks and still didn't get the cancellation letter they promised to send the letter and I haven't received the letter.

Fingerhut is bad news from their catalog, to their customer service, to their, Fingerhut shows such dishonest in their products and more. I told all my family and friends to spread the news that FINGERHUT IS A FRAUD AND I ADVISE THEM TO CALL BBB. Fingerhut Reps. are now harassing me.

The Fingerhut Reps call my home on October 12 and ask for money for the product I sent back. I told the Rep.I don't owe Fingerhut anything. I used Fingerhut return postage and place it on the box and the mailman sent it off! FRINGERHUT IS FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!


User's recommendation: I wouldn't recommend no one except DISAPPOINTED!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fingerhut Advertisement.

Preferred solution: FINGERHUT FILE FOR CHAPTER 11.

Fingerhut Pros: Never again at this point, Fingerhut is a fraud.

Fingerhut Cons: I hate the service, Report fingerhut to bbb.

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