I placed a phone order on 11-25-10 consisting of two children's toy laptop computers. I had asked for it to be shipped to my son's address in Cleveland, Ohio.

I repeated and spelled out his last name 4 times, BENTKOWSKI. When I checked the status of my order his name had been spelled BANKTOSTKI or something simular, fortunately the address was correct, again I had to repeat it several times.

I call this POOR customer service and would greatly reccomend using people with at least a basic knowledge of the english language. Have a nice holiday.

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Fingerhut sells to miners..

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #217499

This website has such big wuss's that they don't even allow the word st*pid. They are all concerned about hurting the feelings.

Well toughen up wimps so I can call you stup*d if I feel like it. My own son does not allow me to call his nine year old son and five year old daughter st*pid when they misbehave, nor does he allow me to smack them.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #217497

These people are dumb. It does not matter about the capital letter the point is when I had to repeat myself four times the *** still got the name wrong.

My son is all grown up now, but if I had to repeat the spelling of the word four times and he got it wrong I would tell him he is *** and slap him across the face to make him pay attention. Wish I could do this to them. My son refuses to discipline his children this way because he believes it is not right. He says that being called *** made him feel worthless.

One thing I cant stand is bad spelling and if you misspell a word you deserve to feel worthless. He said that he does not believe in hitting, well his kids will be running wild if he does not use physical punishment.

Now days it is illegal to use the belt. It is illegal to leave bruises.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #217495

The item will go to your son anyways it is at the correct address so what is the problem. Also someone who has at least the basic knowledge of the English language knows that English starts with a capital letter being a proper noun. Before attacking someone else for their spelling spell things correct yourself.

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