Junction City, Oregon

I have ordered many things from fingerhut and have ALWAYS been satisfied with everything and have been a LONG standing customer who pays for everything when it is recieved.. but I have had two issues most recently, I bought and paid $99.00 plus shipping and handling for the cast iron pots and pans, I "seasoned" these exactly like the directions said and recently have cooked in them.

every thing tastes aweful, like rusty iron.. I gave then to goodwill. I bought a wall organizer recently and recieved it with in 7 days of the order however when I opened it up there was no hardware to be found in the shipment, and no instructions.. I called first thing on the following monday morning to get this sent out only for it to take 3 weeks to get to me, and still NO INSTRUCTIONS were sent..

this infuriated me to no end for a good standing customer like me you would think things would be alot more smooth.. but I considering cancelling my fingerhut account if ANYthing else happens..

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I ordered the same set of cast iron pots and pans but did not have any problems whatsoever with them. Maybe you got a bad batch?


Good luck with trying to cancel your account with them. I have tried for 20 years.

I've sent so many requests by mail that I could have bought a new sofa!

They refuse to close it. You will never be rid of them!!

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