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It is Easter week. I ordered a bed frame and head board and free frame.

It come a few days later. The day before Easter I take my bed apart,matress, blankets, bed board etc all blocking my only bath. I open my boxes and I only had a headboard,and frame. NO POSTS!

No nootice of a back order when I ordered it or I would have cancelled it. I have company coming the next day and I cant even brush my teeth or take a shower. I call fingerhut to find out why it said my order was delivered only to hear the BO wilbe in in 6 weeks~!!!! UNACCEPTAABLE!

I told them to take it back and that I am not paying for it.Their Customer service is in INDIA and you cant explain tothem. They are sending me a lable in 10 days. I have 30 days to my "Satisfaction guarantee" yet they did say that the LABEL was a prepaid Fed ex lable. The boxes are approcx 100 lbs and one is 8ft.

I am partially disabled so I cant move a heavy opject nor do I have a 8' vehicle to take it to FED EX. Oh I got the bill already!

The order isnt even filled. It was cancelled!

Monetary Loss: $350.

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:upset My bedroom is small. I had to disassemble the bed to assemeble the fingerhut bed.

How was I to know that I was missing an entire box. They didnt have to courtesy to tell me it would not arrinve incomplete!AND NO ONE IN AMERICA WILL CALL ME TO ANSWER MY FED EX QUESTION BEFORE THE 30 days~!


why didn't you pick the bed up out of the floor? And, they have customer service in the USA :x

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