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I am customer of Fingerhut and very pissed off. In June Fingerhut has been calling my home number every two to three times a day every day except Sunday.

I emailed customer service to complain and ask them to stop calling. They have stoped calling me which is nice. Now the problem. I tried to purchase a toaster and was told my order was declined.

I called the credit department to ask what happened and was told my account was suspended. Because I told them to stop calling me.

I have never heard of more *** policy. COMPLAIN = SUSPEND ACCOUNT

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In reposne to my post on do not complain against Fingerhut. They were not calling about my account.

I purchased a pair of New Balance Sneakers that were on back order.

Fingerhut sent me a postcard telling me the order was cancelled and to contact them. I felt it not necessary to call them because there postcard said it all.


I find it somewhat suspicious that you don't say why they were calling. Bill overdue perhaps?

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