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i have been with fingerhut for a long time i have allways payed my bill even though all their *** is junk and now they are saying i orderd a 37 inch tv for 800 or 900 dollars ihave never orderd nothing that expensive for too reasons i have three tvs all i pay cash for they are real cheap at walmart and i wouldnt order nothing that high from them i only order little stuff to build up my credit now they have ruined it fingerhut sucks do not use them they call me all the time i think just because times are hard bussiness are not doing good they just try to rip you off to try to make more money and to take a good customer and do that to me after a lot of years of being with them they can f... off and suck my a..

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Gresham, Oregon, United States #650575

Fingerhut..I ordered household items and asked that they ship them to my house.Not my billing address.

They verified my ship to address, and then sent the items to my billing address and then when the post office returned the too big to take at the small post office..which is why I wanted them to go directly to the house..*** fingerhut tries to charge me shipping on items I never got because of their sending them to the wrong address. I won't pay shipping charges for their error. Especially when I made it clear that it needed to go to the house and for what reason, and they verified the ship to address with me. I think they just wanted to make some easy money, and they really do not care about their consumers.

Big gyp.

I will never be their customer again.


i live in the stone moutain area fingerhut says i owe them money for a big screen tv that i did not order it was over the internet i do not order nothing on the internet and it does have a tracking number that leads to my front door the week it came i was on vacation they say i owe that money well good luck getting it i owe them nothing and fed x does put stuff at the wrong door i belive you man

to hot girl Gresham, Oregon, United States #650577

Maybe it was a thief that ordered it delivered to your door so that they could pick it up knowing that you would be on vacation. So did you report it to the police and who knew you would be on vacation?


i beleve you man fingerhut is the biggest rip off company out there they did me like that a while back just sue them that will get them off your back do not listen to thosother people they do not know what the *** they are talking about anyway like you said they are on that bong


I'm sure they sent you a t.v. you didn't order. Instead of whining just pay the bill before Big AL pays you a visit.


Just pay the bill, we all know you ordered the T.V. and you're a deadbeat.

to bobo Alexandria, Louisiana, United States #840362

*** shut up,, how u going to tell somebody to pay for something they didn't order for once and second how in the *** u going to say they order it and so pay it like really what the *** is we in high school if u don't have anything nice to say don't say *** at all to these people.You don't know just like I don't know what the *** took place and if they didn't place that order well that's telling me some people that works for fingerhut is stealing people account numbers for they own personal excuse and reason!!!

I see this a lot with white people and black people u can't trust them all because if they can slide by and get away with getting over on others and hurting people they will do it... So I think fingerhut should have fixed this issue and credit your account if you didn't place the order or nevertheless got the order by mail to your address... This is fingerhut issue not yours sweet heart...

Now I'm scared to do anything with my fingerhut account after reading all this craziness about fingerhut...I have a account I got approve for last month in June 2014 for 1,000 an I having touch it yet at all...


They have legal papers they can mail you. If you fill it out and file a police report they will take it off your account. I don't believe you either


There would be a tracking record of the delivery of a tv, which I'm guessing leads to your front door. No way in *** do I believe your ***.

to sessa Alexandria, Louisiana, United States #840366

*** Shut up ***!!!!, How u going to tell somebody what they got and what the *** you don't BELIVE!!! ()Girl bye FeliCa))

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