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I was approved for a fresh start credit !i first sent a cash order of 100.00 dollars.

With the shipping and handling it came to a little more so I had a balance of 12.00 or 13.00 dollars. I never received a statement,so I called several times to find out what I owed and they kept telling me I didn't open my fresh start credit. I later sent my deposit with no order, because they did not explain it had to be accompanied by an order. Just like they never told me, they couldn't take the 30.00 deposit out of the 100.00 dollars I sent them.

Now I'm trying to place an order online and it won't allow me to do it because I sent the deposit over a month ago with no order. Please send my money back, because

I am frustrated.

You need individuals that will take the time to explain the process and that you don't have.It appears someone should have called me when they received that deposit.

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I being a new customer too have no problem understanding the credit processes of Fingerhut or webbank.All a person has to do is read.

Don't wait for someone to explain every detail of a credit app, if you to do that the person would be om the phone for 30 minutes and not retain 80% of what was relayed anyways. Take it upon yourself to find out all the details!

It's your money you are spending so why wouldn't you make sure you have researched all the details before releasing the money?Sounds like you should blame yourself, not the company!

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