Danbury, Wisconsin

Finger hut Is the Worst company,you could ever use. They over charge.Tell you tour payment is late, yet your statement shows paid.

There records will not be the same as yours. products are the bottom line. May look good but wait till you get your order. very poor customer service.

They won't even give you an english speaking person to talk to. No Email address to contact them, to complain or Get needed help. I will never do anything with them again. Hope no one else will.

Please take my advice. There are a lot of other Real good companies.

Sears ,Fleet farm, Best buy, Home Depot, They are the best.

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I ordered from Fingerhut, my mistake. The products were fine and I made my 1st payment of $41 on Nov.

13th 2012. Then they started calling me 3-4 times a day saying I should pay more on my account. The final straw was when they called 5 times on Thanksgiving day. Half of these call were saying that they didn't recieve my payment, and the other half showed that my full payment was made, but they wanted to know if I'd like to make the next months payment now.

WTF!? Are you kidding me? What other buisness does that? On Thanksgiving no less.

And every call that I get, I can barely understand what the person is saying. Every call had them asking me for my debit card number, something I do not do over the phone. It just felt very scammy. It got to the point that I had to block their number from my phone, but it didn't help because they just started calling from different 800 numbers.

I've never been harrassed by a company when my account was in good standing. I feel like I'm being stalked by phone. I was going to make my payments month to month to build credit with them, but I've changed my mind. I'm paying them off in full on Friday, and they will never see buisness from me again.

I'm going to save my phone bill as a rcord of the number of times they've call me for no good reason, and if they call me even once after I pay off my account Friday, I'm going to sue them for harrassment. :cry :( :x


I think all the Mexicans and Indians need to go back where they came from and stop trying to make our world into yours. We shouldn't have to learn your language...u learn ours. And quit taking our jobs.


I've used it for years...just ordered Christmas presents actually...I use it because with disability I am on a fixed income and it allows me to get family nice stuff and I can pay it slowly...yes, I pay more...but I couldn't buy anything otherwise. I have never had an issues with the company...only small problem was when I called customer service to place an order and could not understand the guy on the phone...after that I make sure to order online.

I have never been late with a payment and I always double the minimum due...so, they've been great for me.

My grandma used them all the time when I was little...then my mom did too....so, that's why I knew they were a decent company. As for the guy that mentioned best buy...my hubby uses them...he has requested 3 times for them to stop billing him for the credit protection service that he never asked for..they still have not stopped it or credited his account..he had problems understanding the phone operator so he asked where he was calling and the guy told him India...so he's talked to 3 different people and each one tells him they've fixed the problem and will credit him...yet with each new bill he is still being charged and no credit...when he calls again they tell him they have no record of the other calls even thou he has dates, times, who he spoke to, and a log number....so best buy ain't all that either.


and what's the problem about the non-english customer service? RACIST AMERICANS ARE THE SADDEST PEOPLE EVER !

thinking they're worth more than someone else ! I pity you :grin I'M HAPPY NOT BEING AMERICAN !


sounds like they like to scr u around


:) I have used fingerhut for years and i have no complaints.Their products have held up and only once has anything ever been returned.They replaced it in less than 10 days. Great Company!!


:( How about customer service in english since this is the u.s. 99% of the customer service is out of India!


Watch them, we were paid up completely, ordered some magazines with their "rewards"

free, of course: Never got a notice for extending subscription, now we owe $90 for 2 magazines: What a scam, they're all in this together:


I continue to receive merchantdise I did not order. I send it back they will not remove it from my bill. fingerhut is taking advantage of low income people.


You are absolutly right...when it comes to customer service...these people are idiots...BUT, it's easy to order and the payments are easy...when they don't screw things up!!! Right now, I'm on their *** list!!!


They do not have a customer service center in the US. All customer service calls go to India. They are much cheaper employees.

East Irvine, California, United States #21395

why would anyone even think about buying from this overpriced place in the first place???

Rich Lazy Consumers maybey. :?

Exton, Pennsylvania, United States #17316

Hmmm. I have had an account with them for years. I have never had a problem with them but maybe that's because I have never been late.

Margate City, New Jersey, United States #5083

my husband got sick i got behind 40,00 they called me 4 times a day even tho i give them a date i would pay the merch. is terrible

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