i would buy more, if the shipping was lower, the shipping of items are way to high. i love fingerhut, but cant buy much beacuse of the shipping price, i use to do my christmas shopping, but payed a lot on just shipping, i cant buy to much this year beacuse i lost my job, i am now disabled, i dont know if this letter is goin to make a difference, but at least i tryed, if it wasent so high, i would do all my christmas shopping for this year with fingerhut, but, thanks anyway, i love finger hut.

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Yeah, I know I saved money buying shop vacuum on amazon because of the shipping!! Rediclous !!


I too feel finger hut shipping is too costly for me If i buy a chair for 200 it cost 100 to ship it not worth that cost


The shipping is just standard ordinary shipping. Not express!

It cost more than the items I was trying to buy. Why?


Yep, I ordered a small pool ($27.99) and a helicopter ball pit ($42.99). I even used the promo code for mother's day which was for 15% off and that took off $10.65.

The total came to $60.33.

Shipping is $22.98. That's ridiculous.


wow you're right! a 30.00 dollar order of light stuff was going to cost almost 30.00!

Cancelled that thought. I ordered it from Walmart and got a lower price and 4.99 shipping.


Yes...shipping is too high! I was going to order 200.00 worth of stuff today until i saw the shipping of 80.00


I don't think the shipping is high....I received 14 boxes...a $1300.00 order and the shipping was $56.00....I placed the order on the 1st and everything has already arrived in time for Christmas.


Fingerhut sucks. plain & simple they charge you 30-50% more on items just because you are paying little by little a bunch of friggin crooks :( why give them you're hard earned cash when you can just save normally & buy an item for it's original price.

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