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Fingerhut is some the worst customer service I have ever seen, it is nothing more than a sham,. They should be driven out of business for terrible products and very very very terrible service.

I purchased a tool chest that came damaged and they informed they would not ship a new one until, they had that one back. This process would take a month or more. They didn't care if I called or complained to any one, they do not have any sense of good customer service.

Fimgerhut is a organization I will never do business with again or will ask all my friends not to.

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I definitely agree with this statement being a true declaration made. I have been ripped off by fingerhut for a total of, $542.95, for merchandis I never recieved.

when I complained about the bill , one customer service rep. told me to go check out my neighbors, that they probably picked it up at my doorstep. I complained three times , getting the same kind of response from each. finally, I was promised a form that I would have to fill out and return to get my account straightened out.

after a month and three more trys I finally got the form, always with an appology. less than the 30 day wait period and I get a letter from fingerhut corp stating I am at fault and will have to pay for the merchandise that I never recieved. It was supposedly shiped by speedy delivery to my house. there is always someone at the house, but never was a package dropped off.

I was told to fill out a police report and send a copy and another decision would be made. I believe this to be a scam just waiting to be busted. Yes, Fingerhut should be put out of bussiness for these kind of scams. Any other company would be glad to try and help recover the lost merchandise, if it was really lost.

Could it be that some top fingerhut employee is enjoying these items at my expense ?

Let me have some feedback on this one people. I won't rest till I see fingerhut explain this one in court, because I will never pay one cent of my hard earned money on this bill of $542.95 as long as it takes before it ends up on a circuit court Judges bench as a case to be decided.

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