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they dont approve nobody they dont give u a chance they f#&*%#ing terrible i have tried to get credit me and my family. But they denied us how can they have a catalog when noone gets approved?they need to close down.they really really f#@%**ing suck!I tried over and over i have job been on it for 9years but they still wont give me credit dam what kind of credit do you have to have?No one has perfect credit im trying to help my credit score by applying for fingerhut.If they wont give no one credit they wont make money.

Monetary Loss: $199.

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I don't know what the people were talking about as far as not getting credit.My credit right now is terrible!

My husband lost his jobs a few years ago and I filed bankruptcy at the end of last year. I wanted to try and reestablish my credit so I applied at Fingerhut because they have nice things. I got approved right away!

I wasn't given a large credit line but it was enough to help me reestablish myself.Thanks to Fingerhut!


I've been surfing and came across Fingerhut's site.I used to order from them on a regular basis.

I haven't thought, or heard about them in years. Now, my one comment. I can tell by reading these comments why these people weren't approved for credit. The spelling, grammar, and puncuation are horrendous.

I'm sure the powers that be at Fingerhut have surmised, and rightfully so, that if you can't spell, or speak any better than that, you probably don't have too well paying a job and therefore for couldn't ay your bill.And for those who this *** off enough they're going to slam back with their own email......Same to ya!


ps i have order from fingerhut for years and they have ben very good to me and i just got a order from them and i am very happy with it so you can just cry all you wount to i thank they are very good company to deal with thank you fingerhut


and i very much agree they dont give people chances. i ve been try to apply for the longest i have a very good job as well and they still wont let me order from them.


I had fingerhut 25 years ago from paper coupons mail ins to credit cards.1 time i ordered a snow thrower and it never came.

I called coustomer service and got auto answer machine saying i had 14 snowthrowers coming on a flatbed truck lol.

In are area here in penna they left the state no more books in the mail and have to buy a book if you want one they downsized.They also cancelled my account after having it for 15 years so what is there problem.


Me: YOU are the ***! Get a life!

Bart: You are a fine one to talk about a fifth grade education! Put a space between !! and If.



I love reading retarded complaints from morons!It makes my day!

Of course you weren't approved for credit!

You're an ***!:p


Jac, Bart and Rusty are correct.I got credit from them and in the same year that I filed bankruptcy.

I have paid them on time and more than the minimum and have seen my credit limit increase 300%.

They certainly do give you a chance and if you earn it, you are rewarded with, not only a good credit history with them, but increased buying power.Fingerhut rules!


Ditto Jac and Bart.I knew that complaint was going to be one to read as soon as I it started out with a double negative, and the first punctuation was after the third sentence.

I for one have used Fingerhut in the past and my daughter uses them now. I have never had complaints.

As a matter of fact, when I send this, I am going to peruse their catalog.That means look through in case that word was too big for Ree.


Fingerhut is still in business?I know that they once sent catalogs out all the time, and then the catalogs stopped coming.

They also had this archaic system where you had to send a coupon from a book in with your credit payment, just like you'd do when making car payments.I thought Fingerhut went out of business about 2001 or so...maybe another company bought the Fingerhut name.

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