This has to be the sorriest Company out there in its dealings.I was sent a pre approved credit amount and placed an order by mail.

They have not sent my order that was a fourth of my credit approval amount.The website has to be the worst of all. I type in my account number given to me on there catalog and the catalog number . The website said they did not have a record of me. What a Crummy Company!

I do not know how they continue in business.

The order I placed was for NH 381 an Ab Glider.It was advertised at $16.99 per month with a rubber mat for an extra $3.00 per month.


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Hey you said it was a bad experience due to they wouldnt ship to you.... I can help. My email is dainsta100@gmail.com email me the details and your customer number (10 digit) ill see what i can do


Pre approved does not mean garrunteed it means the stage before approved its a advertising tactic people use to get you to sign up for their products



Fingerhut sucks anyways, they charge to much for products that are old or not even worth a quarter of what the sell for. Dont waste your money on Fingerhut go get a visa and shop at a store! You are guaranteed to receive your item that way to!


Received pre approved credit from this company.Catalog stated all I had to do was place the order online or by phone.

Tried online but asked for an account#, which was not given on the pre approval. Called the ordering line and talked to a person I could barely understand. Had to put in a credit app. I told the person I was already pre approved.

Didn't matter I had to put in another app.

with info that wasn't asked on the catalog.I thought it was approved that is what the catalog had all over it.


Yes Fingerhut is mote than you will pay for items in a retail store but with timely payment they increase tour limits regularlly and i"ve always got my shipments on time and have contacted cusomer service with ease


recieved a temporary credit amount and would not take said i had pre existing account

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