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My Fingerhut order consisted of only a queen size set of sheets and 2 Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Message Bands. I ordered both a size 7.

I realized when I placed the order that I needed to change one size to an 8. The next day I emailed Fingerhut and asked them if they can just change one size to an 8, since just the night before, I placed the order. They told me that I would have to contact customer service to cancel out the order completely and reorder it. Since they can't just simply change the size.

It's never that easy, right?? This is where the fun begins... I called customer service to only have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Which is sad for me to say, since I have actually worked at plenty of call centers, which I will never complain about again compared to them.The representatives can barely speak English, let alone understand it.

Big, BIG languge barrier. I had a male rep come on the line with me. He did not seem to know what he was doing whatsoever let alone pay attention to what I was saying. I specifically told him the only thing I wanted to do was to change one of my ring orders to a size 8.

Sounds so simple right?? Well, you are wrong! He kept saying he would cancel out both of my orders when I told him not to. I let him know yet again to only change one of the orders.

I called back the next day since I saw of course, both of my ring orders were canceled out. I got a female rep and spoke with the supervisor, they both were very rude to me and said that I told the gentleman that I wanted to cancel out both orders. Which of course was not true, he just wasn't paying attention like everyone else who works for Fingerhut. She said that normally when its canceled like that it can still ship somehow.

Since it was canceled out, that credit amount went back on my account. So I went ahead and reordered the 2 Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Message Bands with the correct sizes. Of course within the next few days, the 2 rings I didn't want came in the mail. Also I noticed it charged me for the rings I didnt want as well.

I called the call center back and they said that I can return the rings without paying shipping. I also let them know that I got the correct sized rings and the rings themselves were such poor quality. In the picture online they look thicker and sturdier. When I took one out of the package it was very, very thin and seems like it could break at any second.

Plus they were extremely cheesy looking. I refuse to pay $80 per ring for something like this. The representative didnt even apologize. Go figure!!

She said for the return, they just need to send out a return shipping label to me then they will credit me back. As of today, which has now been about a week, I am still waiting for those return shipping labels for all 4 rings. The only good thing that has kind of come out of this, is that the sheets that I ordered are good quality. Although they are very over priced.

I found the exact same sheets for about $60 dollars less at Walmart. Overall, poor customer service, poor quality of items, and no one knows their right hand from their left.

Will I order from Fingerhut in the future?? No, Walmart has better quality items and customer service then these people do.

Monetary Loss: $598.

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Rochester, Minnesota, United States #667059

Strange how you say that they have "poor quality of items" yet you also say you bought the same things at walmart. Anyone else see the irony here?

Also, why are you complaining about a company's policy?

You think they are or can change those for lil ol you? Are you that important in your own mind?

If you did not want the size you ordered, why did you order it? You are correct, everyone else is at fault for your screw ups.

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